Mindful Magic.

Mindful Magic sessions bring together five magic spells - breathe, focus, move, create and meditate - in fun, magical sessions that enable them to notice of their breath, body, thoughts and emotions, as well as uncovering resilience, self-compassion and gratitude for others. 

Each session provides children with a range of tools and techniques which they can use and develop into adulthood whenever they need. Mindfulness is a powerful gift with huge benefits for the whole family.


Super simple breathing techniques that take a matter of minutes, but are so effective. Breathing helps to ground us, bring us back to the present moment, and can have an instant calming effect as we concentrate on something so instinctive


Tools that help us to take a moment to notice something we might not have before, such as a part of the body. By focusing, we develop concentration and an awareness that everything (including our thoughts) is temporary.


Mindfulness isn't just about sitting, it's about noticing the whole of our physical being, as well as our emotional state. Mindful movement is important to bringing awareness to what we do all the time, and it's a lovely chance to raise our energy levels a little bit too.

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We are always creating, and children love to draw, colour, cut, stick, paint. If you have ever watched a child colouring, you will notice them in flow... not paying attention to anything else except the task in hand. This is ultimate mindfulness.


Getting cosy with blankets and pillows, this is an opportunity to switch off and listen to a wonderful, empowering guided meditation. While just a few minutes for the children, it's a unique opportunity to simply BE.


Mindful Magic happens at:


Bodytree Studio


4pm: 4-7-year-olds 

4.45 pm: 8-10-year-olds


Saadiyat Beach Club

4.30 pm: 4-7-year-olds

5.45 pm: 8-12-year-olds


The Club


1pm: 5-7-year-olds

2pm: 8-10-year-olds