Emily, Mum

“We have found mindfulness with Nicola an enriching experience. Nicola's talent for teaching enables her to unlock the power of mindfulness in a thoughtful and easy to understand style which is tailored to the needs of each student. 

Nicola is engaging, friendly, and funny. She brings joy and laughter into her lessons, and has shown us great kindness. She is a natural with adults and children alike, and can keep her students seamlessly engaged in their mindfulness practice. 

Learning and practicing mindfulness with Nicola has been both a fascinating and enriching experience. I do not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is interested in living more mindfully.”

Margi, Speech therapist

''This little boy today, I have been with him in many different sessions. He is all over the place, doesn't settle, gets disruptive! But today with you he was sitting really quietly, listening to the story, totally focussed and he said ' I feel calm', as well as other lovely things he said about your session. I do hope he comes back next time. Actually, for the other sessions today, he also seemed calmer and more able to focus- at least for a couple of minutes at a time! But you had his attention all through. Well done!''

Sarah, Mum

“What the support group has given me is a safe space to share my lived experience as a parent, the challenging, but also enlightening moments. It brings me comfort to know that my vulnerability is received by other parents without judgement or disconnected sympathy, and more times than not even shared (even if our contexts are all unique). Sharing this space has brought me more tangible benefit than consultations with professions or self-study, because there's simply something about a supportive community that can give you hope and confidence like nothing anything else can.”

Saif, age 8,

EFT student

“I can't believe that I'm singing when I felt grumpy a moment ago!

Sahej, Age 10,

Mindful Magic student

''This is the most relaxed I've ever felt in a class!''

Elliot, Age 5,

Mindful Magic student

“This is fun, I wonder what the next class will be?.”

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